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 Pole Fitness Classes

Pole 1: Intro/Beginner Basics

Whether you are new to pole fitness or new to our studio, this class is the perfect way to begin your exploration into the world of the Fembody Fitness pole dance workout.  This 75 minute class is open to women of all ages and all fitness levels.  During this introduction and review of basic pole fundamentals,  you will experience our signature sensual flow mat pilates based warm up, learn a pole sequence including spins and transitions, and cool down with a stretch for beginner splits.  This class will lead you into the world of pole fitness and will show you what everyone has been raving about!

Pole 1 - 2: Beginner/Intermediate Pole

This beginner to intermediate level class is perfect for those who are building/perfecting their foundation in pole fitness.  This class format focuses on spins, transitions, floor work and movement around the pole and working towards inversions.  Each class is 90 minutes and includes a mat pilates based flowing warm up, pole curriculum/instruction, and ending in free dance/practice.  All levels of pole experience are welcomed to this class – from those just starting out to those who want to reinforce and perfect technique in the basics of pole movement.

Pole 2 - 3: Intermediate/Advanced Pole
Students are considered Intermediate/Advanced once they are able to invert and climb with proper technique. Building upon the strength and solid foundation formed during the Beginner/Intermediate Pole class level, the Intermediate/Advanced Pole 2-3 classes will focus on advanced spin combinations, climbing variations, inversions and transitioning between various advanced pole movements and tricks. 

 Aerial Arts Fitness

Aerial Silks 

Aerial Silks, also known as tissu, aerial fabric or ribbon, is a beautiful and challenging aerial art form using a special fabric suspended from our 16'-18' high ceilings! In this 60 minute class you will learn the basics of aerial silks, including how to climb suspended fabric using special wrapping and locking techniques and how to lift your body into various artistic poses and progress into inverts, combinations and more advanced skills. 

Aerial Hoop 

This 60 minute aerial arts/fitness class uses a steel hoop apparatus suspended from our studio ceiling for a stunning blend of poses, acrobatics, and aerial dance.  Our studios house two aerial hoops which are used in class to learn spins, climbing up into the hoop, poses, and combinations. Leggings required. 

 Fembody Fitness & Dance

Fembody Barre Sculpt 

Barre Sculpt class focuses on sculpting and toning muscles using isometric movement and concepts from Pilates, Ballet and Resistance Training.  Barre Sculpt is the perfect complement to the Pole workout as it will target the lower body and core to enhance strength and tone. This 60 minute workout uses  resistance bands and a variety of isometric movements and small and mid range exercises on the Barre to sculpt the entire body and to  target the lower body with an emphasis on legs, glutes, and core.

Fembody Barre Cardio 

Fembody Barre - Cardio is a full range of motion version of Barre Sculpt that uses similar non-impact movements to tone and sculpt the lower body but now with larger movements along with continuous repetitions to really amp up your cardio workout! This 60 minute workout uses a variety of full range movements on the Barre to tone the entire body and target the lower body with an emphasis on legs, glutes, and core. 

Fembody Flexibility 

This 60 minute class format will relax, elongate and strengthen the entire body using breath and movement to enhance range of motion and flexibility.  We incorporate f
lexibility training using yoga, ballet, and professional dancer's flexibility training techniques to increase full range of motion of all muscles in the body using blocks, bands, and various flexibility training exercises.

Fembody Burlesque 

Fembody Burlesque is a 60 minute class featuring both variations of classic and modern burlesque style of dance (depending upon the week's routine). Indulge in your sassy side with this fun, new, and pin-up style sexy dance class that will get your body moving!  So whether you're looking for more excitement for your femme fatale or just a stimulating new workout experience, Fembody Burlesque offers the perfect alternative to any cardio class! New routine every week! HEELS/BOOTS HIGHLY ENCOURAGED!

See a sample of our Burlesque Class in action below!!